Bronze 2018 / Nature / Panoramic

The Night of Dreams

  • Photographer
    Maurizio Casula
  • Agency / Studio
    Maurizio Casula Photography
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Panoramic

This photograph represents a lot for me,It is realized during my last trip in Iceland, is the sum of 8 photosin front of the imposing Stokksnes to the east of the island.I was disheartened, no northern lights were expected that night, but then suddenly the sky turned green,creating a perfect circular shape over the mountain.The photo was processed on photoshop to unite the various photographs, and has been improved in some aspects of light exposure.

My name is Maurizio Casula, I live in Sardinia, in a touristic town (Pula) with 7000 people. I’m born in Cagliari on 14th September 1985, and in 2002 I’d graduated in ad graphic on pc. I’ve always had the this passion about informatics and photography since I was a kid, but with the incoming of digital photography, I’ve been amazed about the chance to take pictures and post process them straight away. Now I want to dedicate my life to travel more around the world, taking pictures about different landscapes, without ever forget my homeland, Sardinia.