Silver 2018 / Book / Nature


  • Prizes
    Silver in Book/Nature
  • Company
    David Magee
  • Photographer
    David Magee

Outside. A twenty five year retrospective by fine-art landscape photographer David Magee. This book was to present an overview of his approach to landscape photography. One that mirrored his aesthetic of “feeling” being the most important emotion to be taken from his photographs. Outside, is designed as a gallery in itself, with forty-seven plates, accompanied by intimate anecdotes by the artist. Square in format, case bound in Japanese paper that resembles rock, featuring gold and translucent foiling, presented in a clam shell box. Each book numbered and signed by the artist.

Magee provides an antidote to the world we now inhabit, a world of excess, over-branding and mass production. His intention is to offer the viewer a point in time to reflect and be drawn into a world of oneness, contemplation and tranquility. To engage the viewer with the experience of being immersed in the landscape and the spirituality of nature, as well as touching on themes of transcendence and self. The location is the catalyst between the literal and the emotional, with an emphasis on the feeling. The feeling is everything.