Silver 2018 / Nature / Flowers (Non-Pro)

The Light In The Nightmares

  • Photographer
    Mariana Corcuera
  • Agency / Studio
    Mariana Corcuera
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Flowers

I came up with this photographic series because of the vividness in which I live with my dreams and nightmares, I find both of them very exciting, when you manage to overcome the fears of the nightmares, you realize they are flashes of our experiences, and from this, we can take positive resolutions. Thus I find beauty in the dark, I see the transformations from the bitter to the sweet, from sadness to joy. The proportions of the images take the object out of context -as in dreams and nightmares- and are only understood from a certain angle.They are what our dreams allow us to imagine.

I'm a Mexican photographer specialize in fine art photography. The exhibitions I have had to show my work have been the next: 2009, with Patricia Conde Gallery, the next 2 in independent galleries in Mexico City, afterwards a collective show with 3 other photographers, in 2013, in Mexicos' Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. In 2018 I had a solo exhibition at "Almanaque fotográfica" with my series "project room: flores", In 2019 I had a collective exhibition with the work "Luscious", with Stuart Stanford and Federico Fernandez also in "Almanaque fotográfica".