Silver 2018 / Nature / Aerial (Non-Pro)

Landscape Can Be Like A Famous Painting

  • Photographer
    Magali Chesnel
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Aerial

The Nature in Camargue captured my heart, my soul and my mind. Above its salt marshes abroad an ULM, I took inspiration from the natural beauty of the local scenery and photos. I saw few amazing things, so incredible that I was wondering if my perception was not an illusion. Driving back to the hotel, the name of a series started to emerge: it will make reference to famous paintings while expressing, I hope, the same powerful emotions as paintings of Sanyu, Zao Wou-Ki, Rothko or Miró... can provoke. On the left, you will see my photographs and on the right the reference to the painting.

I am an artist painter and self-taught photographer. Born in Versailles and a native of Brittany - France. I work in Geneva – Switzerland. I really enjoy having the flexibility of stretching my wings, in order to explore all the moments that life has to offer to photography. I am specialized in capturing “the moment” in the course of life, more than fixed times. When I am taking photos, I have usually no expectations. I go fishing and I don't know what I will find. My ambition: to be witness of my time, to anticipate events with news photos, to inform the public and to raise awareness.