Silver 2018 / Fine Art / Special Effects (Non-Pro)

Invearth. High Voltage

  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Special Effects
  • Photographer
    Simone Arrigoni

The "High voltage" series is devoted to lightning, which has been present on Earth since it first took shape, dominated by volcanoes. "High voltage" inaugurates the "INVEARTH" project, which is composed of several photographic series focusing on nature. Different subjects from flora, fauna, and the ‘four elements’ were chosen as exemplary symbols of planet Earth. These were shot focusing on specific features, then developed in black and white, finally turned into negative images.

Simone Arrigoni is a classical pianist, Freediving World Champion (he set 20 World Records in the sea, lake, under the ice and with dolphins), and awards-winning photographer. His photos and reportages have been exhibited Worldwide (Italy, UK, Greece, Belgium, China, USA, Singapore); published in books and magazines (as Image in Progress, Fotografia Reflex, Il Venerdì di Repubblica); and received more than 100 awards in the most prestigious international photo contests