Bronze 2018 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Breaking Shapes

  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Company
    Mag Phot
  • Photographer
    Mattia Gaido

The work focuses on a symbolic place of Turin's underground culture, the exterior of the Regio lyrical theater in Turin, Italy. Here since 1983 break dance began to reach Italy for the first time from the USA, bringing an immediate change in street dance and encouraging the development of a unique style that would then have influenced the birth of Italian break dance. Breaking Shapes is a visual reportage that explores what break dance is for a group of people who experiences it as a challenge for their lives, and a that defines themselves as a true tribe. The work also became a short film.

Mattia Gaido was born in 1994 in Turin, Italy. He is graduate at Albertina Academy of Fine Arts and at the moment is studying for a master degree at the same institute. He started taking photographs at 17 for documenting his travels around Africa and India, and since that moment he begun to deal with reportage, photojournalism and documentary photography. Since few years he his working on contemporary issues using reportage photography as as instrument for telling stories in the most spontaneous and direct way possible.