Silver 2018 / Editorial / Photo Essay (Non-Pro)

Bus Station

  • Prizes
    Silver in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Photographer
    Gustavo Minas

One million people pass through the Plano Piloto Bus Station in Brasilia daily. The terminal, located only 2 kilometers from National Congress, is a meeting point which connects the Brazilian capital and its satellite cities, where most workers live. This constant crowd is an exception in a city planned for cars, full of empty spaces and alienating streets, little prone to walking and to interaction among its inhabitants. This series is a portrait of these passengers, often immersed in moments of solitude and anticipation amid the chaos.

Gustavo Minas was born in Cássia (MG) in 1981. He graduated in journalism from the State University of Londrina and studied language and history of photography with Carlos Moreira. Since 2009, he has photographed the daily life of the cities where he lives. He currently works as a journalist and freelance photographer in Brasilia. In 2017, his 'Bus Station' series won the POY LATAM award in the category "The Future of the Cities".