Bronze 2018 / Editorial / Environmental (Non-Pro)

Turkana'S Resilience

  • Photographer
    Maurizio Di Pietro
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Environmental

In Turkana county air temperature has increased by about 3 degrees between 1967 and today, the long rainy season has become shorter and dryer and the short rainy season has become longer and wetter, while overall annual rainfall remains at low levels. During these droughts, the Turkana ethnic group who were mostly pastoralist were pushed closer to the lake. They gradually adapted their lifestyles to depend upon fishing, despite it previously being a livelihood looked down upon. Now the lives of the people in this area depend directly on fish or fishing.

Working as a volunteer for some NGOs (Amici dei Bambini, Save the Children, amka), I had the chance to dedicate myself to photographic projects in Marocco, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Israel and West Bank. Since 2014 I have been trained in photography by “WSP Photography” in Rome. During this time I have produced “Special Life”, a project which has been published by the “Superabili” magazine. I am now working on a personal project that explores my family, and a project about the Special Olympics