Gold 2018 / Book / Documnetry (Non-Pro)

Geometry of Energy ² (Book)

  • Prizes
    Gold in Book/Documnetry, 2nd Place winner in Book
  • Photographer
    Nik Brezginov

Photos of the 35, 110, 220, 500 and 750 kV power transmission line supports was taken in various regions of Russia from Moscow to Tyumen. The project presents 24 diptychs, grouped into two sections, depending on the point of view of the observer, which determines the perception of the appearance of these engineering structures.

Nik was born in 1984 in Ivanovo, Russia. He graduated from the Ivanovo State Power University with a degree in Electrical Power Plants, and since 2003 has been working in Power Engineering. Currently he lives in Moscow. In 2018 he graduated from the specialty "Photojournalism" of the Lomonosov Moscow State University with a graduate work on "Aesthetics of industrial photography in modern society." He is member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers and has interests in industrial and art photography. [ ]