Silver 2018 / Advertising / Beauty (Non-Pro)

Venetian Dream

  • Prizes
    Silver in Advertising/Beauty
  • Photographer
    Fabrizio Micheli

The Photo was taken in a Venetial location. There was a golden tapestry on the wall and also the bed cover was golden in color. There was few light in the room as the window was in front of another building beyond a small channel I used a flash pointing to the ceiling to have enough light and asked the model to wear a white bodysuite. This is the result

I always loved photography, since the first small plastic, fixed focus, camera: a present from my mother. My first reflex (film) came at high school...... a dream made truth after a long time and huge saving efforts. Then university came. I always interacted with "Science" , something which is a strange and obscure subject for most people. A way, for me, to look into nature and things. Like through the lens of a camera. When I moved to digital, I found a new world, but the same passion as ever.