1st Place 2017 / Science (Non-Pro)

El Personal Sanitario en la UCI del "HJRJ"

  • Photographer
    Fran Fernández
  • Prizes
    Gold in Science/Medicine, 1st place winner in Science

This work has been done in the ICU of the Hospital "Juan Ramón Jiménez", a length of 21 months and after capturing more than 1000 photographs, I wanted first of all to document the routine and daily activity of the toilets who work in this very complicated place, Always taking into account that no patient could be recognized, thus respecting their privacy, and that it was not a scene of a woman too bloody. There is a recurring element in the series that often appears, which are the windows, such as the yearning, the yearning, and the hope that patients experience when they are entered into a picture, sometimes without even being able to move a muscle , Surely they will see the window with the uncertainty of returning to itself only one day abroad, in short, if they will come back to life. On the other hand, because of my work in the ICU as a nurse, I have a very present death, as I have witnessed very sad situations and authentic family dramas. Something difficult to endure even more and be part of my daily routine. That is why I can say that I found in the photograph to a certain extent a way of deceiving death, by the magic that must be immortalized, never better said, to people, moments, and places. Many thanks to the photograph.