Silver 2017 / Nature / Pets

Bird Face

  • Photographer
    Alexandra Cearns
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Pets

This photo series is called BIRD FACE. As a professional pet and wildlife photographer, I meet and photograph over 1300 different creatures each year. One of the subjects I love to work with is birds. They are quirky, colorful, beautiful and full of personality. I always aim to capture shots of their sweet faces filling most of my frame, as these really convey their character and show their sentient nature – the cheeky glints in their eyes and the range of colors and details in their plumage are best seen up close. Birds are very smart. They can learn tricks and mimic sounds and behaviors. They all have their own little senses of humor and get such joy out of simple things like their favorite fruit, a select toy, or playing a special game with their beloved human. Many of the birds in this series have been rescued and rehabilitated by dedicated carer, which means many of the birds in this series would not have survived without the compassion shown to them by a wildlife rescue volunteer. Those able to be released back into the wild are given their freedom when big enough and strong enough. Those not able to be released either live their lives as education birds at wildlife rescue centers, or move into specific release areas or aviaries. BIRD FACE is dedicated to those around the world who selflessly put their tiny rescue birds’ needs before their own. If, like birds, they had wings, they would surely be angels. TECHNICAL INFO - All images were captured using a Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 VS USD lens at ISO 100, 1/200th second, f13, and Elinchrom studio lighting and were taken by Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio.