Bronze 2017 / Nature / Pets

Dogs Vs Cake

  • Photographer
    Alexandra Cearns
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Pets

I live with two rescue dogs, Pip and Pixel, who both celebrate each birthday with a custom made dog cake. Watching Pip and Pixel eat their cake always gives me a laugh - Pixel the greyhound is quite dainty, whereas pip the Kelpie mix chomps on it as hard as she can, splashing cake everywhere. This led me to think about other dogs eating cake and to conceptualising a fun, albeit messy, photo shoot, showing dogs wigging out over cake. The “Dogs Vs Cake” images are colourful, quirky and hilarious, and show our canine besties chowing down on their respective cakes with absolute glee. Whenever I feel sad or uncertain, it’s my beloved dogs that make me laugh with their adorable antics. I wanted to photograph an uplifting, silly if you will, series showing dogs who love cake. The sole aim of the “Dogs Vs cake’ images is to bring a smile to the faces of those who see it, perhaps someone who really needs a laugh that day, or someone who wants some crazy cheer. Just fun for the sake of fun. The stars of ‘Dogs VS Cake’ are: Chubbs the Bulldog, Loki the Labrador, Ollie the Red Heeler, Bella the Kelpie mix, Doris the Boxer, Roman the Mastiff, Pepe-roni the French Bulldog, Bingo the terrier mix, Pedro the French Bulldog, Boubie Ketut the Pug, Errol the Griffon and Dylan the Weimaraner.