Bronze 2017 / Events / Other_EVN (Non-Pro)

Angels & Demons - Miserere

  • Photographer
    gianfranco ferri
  • Agency / Studio
    HM photo
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Events/Other

Every Friday in March in Sessa Aurunca ( Caserta ) ITALY - , during the mass for the exposure of the Mysteries, in the Church of St. John Villa, in the night, along the deserted streets of the historic center and finally on the Holy Friday during the unfolding of the Mysteries, is represented " The Miserere ", a musical composition and polyphonic oral tradition, performed by three people, on the verses of salm 50 of David. The singers, hugging one another and joined by the heads, they create a sweet sound like organ, whose wailing calls Arab and Andalusian chants. The Miserere was being studied by ethnomusicologists known.

Born in 1969, he loved photography and travels since he was a child. He suddenly started feeling the necessity of realizing his passions with increasing constancy, trying to catch the depth into random moments of anybody’s life, drawing them as freely and spontaneously as possible. He could also be defined as the creator of a great quantity images, that have nature’s astonishing world as protagonist, capturing impressive scenes tough the reflex eye. Furthermore, as a tireless rover, he realized many reportages during his travels in Jordan, Cambodia, Thailand, UAE, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc....