Silver 2017 / People / Family (Non-Pro)

Mammaria (Mother Mary)

  • Photographer
    Giuseppe Francavilla
  • Prizes
    Silver in People/Family

My mother. A strong woman, sensitive but very discreet. At the height of her 80 years she is facing the biggest challenge of her life: to face a disease, the Parkinson. But her gaze is always calm as she looks out of the window. Behind her, in a corner you can see a portrait of the Virgin Mary. Mary is just my mother. The biggest problems are in walking. But the slow steps do not stop her from doing all the daily chores, although now they take longer than usual. Old age can be seen from hair gradually becoming entangled in the brush and the long series of medicinal products that fill the kitchen, instead of sugar and flour. She also spends time watching TV or taking a look at old photos (though she does not like to be photographed ... and yet her son is a photographer!).

Born in Palermo in 1974, I have been having a natural flair for the shot since he was 10, using a Polaroid 1000 model borrowed from my brother. A few years later the first experiments in street photography gave way to the glossy world of glamour. The real revolution begins owning a Kodak's bridge camera with a 24x zoom which trained my eye to look for the hidden details of things, as in an imaginary game in which there is always something hidden from reality that may tickle the wonder of surprise.