Silver 2017 / People / Culture (Non-Pro)

New Blood of Dying Art

  • Photographer
    chuung kee yow
  • Prizes
    Silver in People/Culture

Today, the Chinese opera is at grave risk of disappearing with the passage of time as society and modern-day entertainment continues to evolve. Most of the Malaysia veterans Chinese opera actors and actresses are between 40 and 80 years old. The Chinese opera started as a leisure activity in the 50s, at that time, TV was a luxury and Chinese language movies were rarely shown in the cinemas. The local younger generations are not interested and unable to appreciate this form of art. So some opera troupes are hiring young actors and actresses from our neighbor country Thailand. These young people don’t speak in Chinese, but they have the will to learn and perform in Chinese language on the stage. They are also willing to stations from place to place in the country.

I am self-taught photography hobbyist. I like to travel, and I like photograph what inspires me, or what I think will be an interesting reminder of this exact point in time. I strive to capture moments and what my heart sees, and listen to the nature tells. I am interested in streets, landscape and human interests photography.