Silver 2017 / Nature / Pets (Non-Pro)

el Cazador (the hunter)

  • Photographer
    Barbara van Zijll de Jong
  • Prizes
    Silver in Nature/Pets

In February the Spanish hunting season ends. At that time, the dogs used massively abused for hunting, dumped and killed. Per year ie about 50,000-100,000 dogs. The reason: before the hunting season starts, the animals need to eat and be cared. That costs money. These dogs used for hunting are the Spanish Calgo and Podencos. Both are ancient breeds that a few hundred years ago they belong to the upperclass, nobility. All over Europe several foundations are trying to rescue these dogs and adopt them. However, it is just a drop in the ocean. For these breeds display the stage they deserve, I made a series of photographs with portraits of both races. In the photos I want to represent the pride, power and grandeur that characterizes these dogs. My serie is not so much an indictment of the way in which people deal with the animals, but is a tribute to these natural hunters. all dogs in the photos adoptive/ rescued ones.