Bronze 2017 / Nature / Landscapes (Non-Pro)

The overturned world

  • Photographer
    stefano oppioni
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Nature/Landscapes

Capturing shots of natural elements reflected in a mirror of water, always give great surprises and emotions. Besides, it leaves wide space to imagination, to inspiration, and to the artistic photographer's taste. Reflected landscapes, sometimes seem to take interesting shapes, appear as to be modeled on dynamic canvas, restless. The tones blend with the colors of the water and overlapping on the textures of the lake bed. It’s nice to "play" with the water and I do not hide that most times I prefer to point the lens down to the little world into the mirror, looking for a “different”, almost transcendent and dreamlike reality. Because as Einstein used to tell us: "Reality is an illusion, although quite persistent." This work presents charming mountainscapes (Dolomites and Western Italian Alps) reflected in small alpine lakes.

"I like to explore wildlife both vertically and horizontally all around where Nature in turn speaks, guides and inspires me: sea, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains and especially Dolomites recently declared UNESCO Human Heritage site."