Bronze 2017 / Science / Other_SC

Firefly Dress

  • Photographer
    Charlie Lemay
  • Agency / Studio
    Lemay Design
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Science/Other

This image was made for a winning entry in the 2016 DeScience Competition that featured fashion using technology held at MIT. The Luminous Firefly Dress was designed by Southern New Hampshire University professor Harry Umen, MIT Media Lab fellow Dr. Angela Chang, and Manchester seamstress Deborah Caldwell.

Charlie Lemay is a native of Manchester, NH, who has been a professional Graphic Designer and Photographer since 1973, as well as an educator at the college and secondary school levels. His photographic digital collages and traditional photography have won numerous awards and have been exhibited nationally. After 20 years of teaching photography and computer graphics at St. Paul’s school in Concord, NH he retired in 2019. He continues to make art and to self-publish books that include his photography.