Silver 2017 / Science / Environment

Creating Art from the Elements

  • Photographer
    Tracey Shelton
  • Prizes
    Silver in Science/Environment

For the past 27 winters, workers and artists have travelled to this frozen wonderland in northern Sweden to build new and unique creations from the ice and snow. And every year, as the sun returns, their art slowly melts back into the Torne river from which it came. But this year is different with the launch of ICEHOTEL 365, which will stay frozen all year round. And the secret to keeping these sub-zero suites chilled is solar energy.

I have worked as a multimedia journalist in Australia, the Middle East and Asia covering conflict, politics and human rights violations since 2005. My articles, photographs and videos have been published globally, receiving 18 international awards. I reported exclusively on Gaddafi’s capture and death in Libya which sparked a UN inquiry, broke news of the Yazidi crisis in Iraq as Islamic State attacked, killed and kidnapped them and gained wide acclaim for my photography in war-torn Syria.