Bronze 2017 / Portfolio / Personal

The soldier

  • Photographer
    Mariangela Tripiedi
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Portfolio/Personal

The Soldier It remains what it tensely resists. In a place where there is no room for prejudices about the parameters of internal and external fitness, Where the masculine connotates itself, develops by taking room between the muscles and the thoughts. If fragility does not belong, the first enemy is the recognition, the first weapons that are contested are those that legitimize their presence. "There are no men or women here, we are all soldiers," in this tide rising and lowering, tensely resists the nucleus, clinging to a chignon to which nothing escapes and that it melts fluently and capricious to remind us that it exists and resists. Between the lips tightens the voluntary smile of those who would not want anything other than that. Notes: Since 1919 women have been admitted to the pursuit of all professions and public uses with the exclusion of the military defense of the state. Even later, the law of 9 February 1963 n. 66 "Women's admission to public offices and professions", while allowing women access to all public office, retained a reserve on the possibility of enrollment in the Armed Forces. This has led to public opinion in our country having developed over the years a culture and a basic sensitivity to the issue, which has gradually led to the establishment of a voluntary female military service. The concept of "soldier woman" is therefore born exclusively as a demand of civil society. Nearly forty years after the 1963, numerous law projects presented in various legislatures, studies, proposals have found a positive response. In addition, the evolution of society and the international framework allowed for a new look at women's military service. The adoption of the law allowing the entry of women into the Armed Forces and the Guardia di Finanza is in line with both the female aspirations and the needs of the Armed Forces, now ready to welcome women in their ranks. Women's recruitment opportunities occur during the implementation phase of the new Defense model, in line with the new tasks and operational scenarios envisaged for the Armed Forces (increase of international missions, peace keeping activities) to fulfill which an instrument essential Fully professional and fully integrated with those of European and NATO countries that have, for much longer, female staff in their queue. In this respect, the NATO publication "Women in the NATO Armed Forces", published in spring 2000, is a very useful reference term. In 1992, the Italian Army carried out the first experiment of "soldiers" at the barracks of the "Lancieri di Montebello" in Rome. In that context, a sample of 29 Italian girls was considered, who was given the chance to live 36 hours in the barracks, carrying out normal military training activities. An important role in promoting voluntary female enrollment and access to careers in the Forces Armed Forces was held by a group of girls who on May 25, 1995 established in Rome the ANADOS (National Women's Aspirant Association) with President Debora Corbi. In a survey of June 15, 1999, about 600 interviewees enrolled at ANADOS, 43% of girls said they wanted to enter the Academy and make the Officer; 22% said in favor of the Sottotype officer, 12%, while entering the Armed Forces, would be willing to enlist in the troop while 23% could not answer. 21% of the preferences went to the Military Air Force, 19% expressed support for the Army, 14% for Carabinieri's Arms, 10% for the Navy, and 9% for the Guardia di Finanza. (Source