Gold 2017 / Portfolio / Fine Art_PO


  • Photographer
    Marta Kochanek
  • Prizes
    Gold in Portfolio/Fine Art

The history of humanity registered hundreds of thousands of romances and mésalliances of all kinds. The world witnesses love between people of all nationalities and races. This planet gave the room to those attracted to people of the same, opposite and both genders. It’s how this world is constructed. It’s how it always was. Love is what motivates us in life. Brain science tells us it's a drive like thirst. The ancient Greeks called love “the madness of the gods”. Modern psychologists define it as the strong desire for emotional union with another person. We dig deep into brain science, physics and psychology to understand what drives us to name the emotions, to describe feelings. We are desperate to find it, experience, cherish and keep. Some people beg for love, some pay for it and some are just lucky to find it. For her new Lov’yer project Marta portrayed seven relationships that are formed by both majority and minority of the whole population that occupies this globe. She contrasted old and young, curvy and slim, black and white, straight and gay. Following her research she finds it fascinating to observe and read about lovers, cougars, sugar daddies, gigolos, adorers, secret admirers and cohabitants. She realised that what happens to be silly to majority can be normal to minority. What is obscene to millions can truly be a blessing to the others. What can be a blessing to ones can also be a motive for hate or crime for the others.