Gold 2017 / People / Self-Portrait

And Then You Just Let Go

  • Photographer
    Patty Maher
  • Prizes
    Gold in People/Self-Portrait

This is a series about grief and an act of emotional alchemy. While the symbols and sequence are personally referential, arising from the experience of losing my mother to cancer earlier this year, it is a photographic essay that attempts to capture the essence of this emotional journey. It takes as its primary themes the discretion, inwardness, isolation and silence of a journey that is both personal and universal.

Patty Maher is an internationally recognized, award winning fine art and conceptual photographer based in Caledon, Ontario. The inspiration for her photography comes from an exploration of storytelling in both natural and urban settings. Working primarily through staged portraiture and self-portraiture Maher is widely known for hiding or obscuring the faces of her subjects using only posture, gesture, symbol and colour to convey emotion and story.