Bronze 2017 / People / Portrait_P

Angels Amongst Us - Children Of Autism

  • Photographer
    Elena Paraskeva
  • Prizes
    Bronze in People/Portrait

This still ongoing project is a collaboration with the Autism Association in Cyprus and will be used as a campaign to raise awareness for Autism. The condition, although quite prevalent on the island is met with public ignorance (many equate autistic children with those afflicted with Down Syndrome) and is severely underfunded by the government. In a close-minded society more prevalent in the rural areas of Cyprus where Autism rates are higher (some doctors theorize that the rampant and uncontrolled use of pesticides might contribute) a lot of autistic children are "hidden" from the outside world, never to be seen. My desire to begin the project was born out of a friend's tale that her uncle who was severely autistic was often kept in a big carton box. In the series, the hands of the children's mothers are placed as pillars beneath their heads, inextricably tied together, columns of incredible strength and courage but not devoid of cracks, caused not by burden, but by the agony of the unanswered question: what will happen to my child when i die.