Bronze 2017 / Fine Art / Collage

The Pearls around us

  • Photographer
    Patrizia Burra
  • Agency / Studio
    Patrizia Burra Photography
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Collage

The photos was taken in my studio. After this I processed the images in photoshop , working on the colors and adding several levels of adjustment. I created and animated the balls in C4D, so I exported the best frame to add into the image. The concept of the images,where the pearls are symbolics tears, inspects the two point of view of the life: the happiness and the melancholy. Camera setting: Phase One p40+ Lens: Schneider LS 110 mm 1/250 sec f/16 Iso 100

I'm a professional photographer with 36 years of experience in capturing the beauty in the mundane. Photography isn't a hobby- it's my lifestyle. I'M MQEP MASTER QUALIFIED EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHER. FEP BOARD MEMBER AND JUDGE- FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHERS