Bronze 2017 / Fine Art / Landscape


  • Photographer
    Katherine Longly
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Landscape

Photographs of the REDSCAPE series lead us astray. Are we about to visit a nature reserve, a botanical garden, the surroundings of a seaside resort or a zoo ? Do we find ourselves in front of natural landscapes or scenes mastered or (re-)designed by man ? The ambiguity contained in these images raises questions about our stubborn and recurring desire to shape and control wildlife and natural elements, sometimes to the point of endangerment. Our preference is often limited to a dominated and consumable nature. REDSCAPE's landscapes try to escape the frame. In these pictures there is only little control over the photographic material itself. The direct action of light on the sensitive surface is obvious. The dominant color is clearly assumed. The abandonment of control is at the heart of the approach.