Bronze 2017 / Fine Art / Still Life


  • Photographer
    Monica Gorini
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Still Life

Colors Within a house walls there are objects, atmospheres, situations which become ʾportalsʾ, getting into communication with people’s life. The kitchen, being the green element of the home, is where conviviality blooms: food is caring for other people, so that sharing food acquires the metaphorical meaning of sharing life. Pillows are a reminder of the sleeping dimension. Resting and the bed itself are portals within the house; Do We Dream Under the Same Sky goes the title of the book on the nightstand. From here not only dreams can be reached but also situations able to evoke vivid and present thoughts, opening up to any dimensions of being, both existing and non-existing. In the red room there’s an empty stool. The inhabitant isn’t there at the moment, but footprints are left in the elements of the house and in the chosen color: red, which is associated with warmth. The picture hanging on the wall is a portal, too. It opens a communication channel between what the buyer saw and the person who did actually see, namely the author of the shot. The elements suggesting that the acid yellow bathroom is inhabited are very few. The placement of the mirrors is a trace – a hint. Two virtual realities reflect into one another and they both reflect the bathroom reality. The sink is an invitation to use water, a purifying element.