Bronze 2017 / Fine Art / Still Life


  • Photographer
    Alberto Alicata Federica Scoma
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Still Life

Why HUMANIZE? Humanize by definition is to make compatible with the respect due to the human person and his rights. The humanization implies a high degree of compassion, consideration of the difficulty and fragility of others and the development of the ability to stand. A life shaped from love will always humanize the social reality that surround us, what makes us human is the love for ourselves and for others. But we must always start from ourselves, considering us as people who deserve to be loved. Love is not easy but It's the only way to humanize the world. In the Humanize project, Alberto Alicata and Federica Scoma, decide to give new life to the most famous kisses in the story of photography, that past of love in black and white handed down from photografers from the early 900 to present date, images that has become "iconic", emblematic and that has characterized certain historical moments. The choice of manikins as subjects, with their specific features, comes from wanting to be able to give the observer the freedom to choose who the lovers in the images are. The neutral colour of the wood does not define the colour of the skin. The absence of clothes, the unrecognizable facial features and the lack of biological characteristic shows no sexual differences. Humanize addresses the issue of differences, the recognition of "diversity", the relationship between the personal and the social identity revealing a growing uncertainty in living the relationship between nature and culture (between body and identity), between sexual identity and gender identity. It opens up a new vision where there are no standards or percepts but only the need to be recognized for what we are. The difficulty of the project was to create and transmit the same emotions of the street photography in the still life photography, building a set in the same size of the manikin on a 1:18 scale and using artificial lights in the studio recreating the authenticity of the natural light of the shots they were inspired of.