Silver 2017 / Fine Art / Abstract

Chamaleon Project

  • Photographer
    Ana Santos
  • Prizes
    Silver in Fine Art/Abstract

Chamaleonidäe (Chamaleon Project) is a reflection on the habitat, the adaptation, the duality, the escape, the finite infinity, the universe woman, the hidden souls. A refuge of conceptual plurality in pursuit of making a mess of what is set, steers us towards new perspectives from what is hidden. An identity full of metaphors and polarities. A place to calm us down, to show us, to hide us, to blend into any living space. An attempt at listening to our inner souls to know where, when and why. What we show, and what we are expected to show: passion, sexuality, maternity; the belonging and excessive places of being. My goal is establishing a dialogue between the geometrical sobriety, articulated through balanced areas of color, rhythm, and composition of its execution, resulting from the exploration of the visual experience of light, space, color, and shape.

Ana Santos is a spanish photographer and designer based in Madrid. She pursues beauty through the solemnity of geometrical and organic shapes. She takes the synergy of the human body, space, the human body and multiple identities as her conceptual base. Ana has a Master’s degree in Contemporary Photography from EFTI International School, and has been awarded by International Fine Arts Photography Awards and International Photography Awards in several cathegories.