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    Gold in Editorial/Photo Essay

ART IN MOVEMENT Art: a tool to change the world. Daily life for young people living in the ghettoes of Kampala, (Uganda) consists of struggling to survive, time and space for creativity is either scarce or non-existent. In adolescents with scarce financial resources. music, dance, circus, graffiti and other disciplines can be tools for social change. They are well orchestrated instruments that generate self-esteem, keep them stimulated and improves their self-confidence. These leaps are a symbol of their profound change. Art inspires, stimulates and satisfies. Imaginative education is a great start for building a better society. “Looking after their immediate needs is obviously urgent, but people don't live by bread alone, as they say. However, it seems that promoting the development of creative skills and offering access to culture and art is the prerogative of the most well-developed societies. It has been shown time and time again that this kind of stimulation is essential for breaking the vicious circle of poverty and creating an advanced society". Begoña Caparrós, lawyer, actress and founder of the In Movement project in 2006.