Bronze 2017 / Fine Art / Abstract (Non-Pro)

the beauty of the lingering white

  • Photographer
    Nica Junker
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Fine Art/Abstract

I am fascinated by the idea that white could symbolize timelessness and try to experiment with my photographs to explore more about the different possibilities of its representation. My aim is to show how the objects disappear into the white, or how you can fill in the white and how this visualizes different personal perceptions of time and the absence of time influence the way I take the the photos. All the experiments and researches circle around ideas how to visualise timelessness and relating to topics about silence, space, death and emptiness. I try to answer questions for myself, how do we perceive time, as it is a subjective experience and how is it related to the topics mentioned. The interaction between snow, white outs and fog for instance in nature visually plays a big role in the experiments and the photography turns around snow landscapes through there whiteness I try to visualise my personal perceptions gained through my researches. Time and the experience of death are very linked to me for instance: The idea of time is born with the knowledge of death. Furthermore space and time seem to be linked together in a way, that we feel to loose orientation in a white out for instance, as there is no space anymore, we could perceive. The presented personal perceptions of timelessness are all very subjective expressions of my inner self and my understanding of time mixed with concepts of time and space like the one of ma in the Japanese Art. I experimented with my photography and ideas that had built during my experiments with it: absence of space, a disappearing of an object in the depth of the photo, a white out, the layers of white, a collage into the white of a landscape, the reduction of the image to one idea, to visualise the idea through its abstract content, a Beckett scenery of the human being in the absurdity and finally a realistic perception of the snow landscape as a moment in time that is perceived as timelessness in the one moment I took the photo. ,

My artistic work focus is on photography and the moving image.