Silver 2017 / Fine Art / Abstract (Non-Pro)

Through the Eyes of Hans Christian Andersen

  • Photographer
    Vladimir Kysela
  • Prizes
    Silver in Book (Series Only)/Fine Art, Silver in Fine Art/Abstract, Silver in Fine Art/Special Effects

The project is dedicated to HCA way of seeing and presenting world around us. Reading his fairy tales or stories, I am always fascinated by his rather scatting style, altering between world of children and world of grown up. Generally, there is no intention on my side to create pictures to Andersen´s stories, I rather look around me and create the pictures "in the shoes" of HC instead. I try to look around me in the way he was writing his stories. What is hidden, what is clear, what is good and what is bad - isn´t it all the time changing?

I am a photographer of stories in the landscape and mind. I try to look at the world around me, and despite all its complexity, superficiality and speed, I present its beauty in an unusual, inventive way. I take pictures of joy, freedom, melancholy, sadness or fairy-tale, roughness, infinity… I am attracted by impressionism and positive image. I still feel strongly influenced by the painters who worked with light, color, shapes in the landscape, from Turner, through Monet to Van Gogh, to Šíma. Perhaps, one day, I approach them at least in sight .