Bronze 2017 / Editorial / sports (Non-Pro)

A simple story

  • Photographer
    Patrizia Fagiani
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/sports

August 24th 2016, around 6 pm. Alan and Andrew climb in a boost of adrenaline and in between few friends the steps of the small lookout of the Mewia Lacha reserve, at the mouth of the Vistula river into the Baltic Sea, nearby the Polish city of Gdansk. By now, Alan and Andy have run 1,145 km along the course of the river, starting from its sources in Barania Gora, on the Beskids Mountains in the South of Poland, which they left 26 days before. They ran in average 50-60 km per day, with 4 days of rest along the way. This is the story of an outstanding athletic endeavor. But more than this, it is the story of a remarkable trip through one of the most intimate and unexplored territories a person hides in itself: the one of the definition of limits and possibilities. Who/what sets the limits that we put to our actions and thoughts? How does it feel like that very moment when you decide to defy your own solid thinking about what you can and what you can’t and get into an unknown territory? What does “the wall” look like and how do you react when you hit it? And finally, what can you learn from running as a person, as a human being? What I saw unfolding was the simple story of two men who decide to explore this grey area by means of a very simple act, like running is. “Running is a simple act. It is easy to get into challenges that you have to use your mind and will to get over” (Andy).