Bronze 2017 / Editorial / Conflict (Non-Pro)

Gagjali, the hospital at the frontline

  • Photographer
    Cosimo Attanasio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Editorial/Conflict

The village of Gagjali (or Godjalih) is awfully close to the front line of Mosul in Iraq. Equally inhabited by Arabs and Kurds which lived in peace until Daesh arrived. In the village there's a small hospital which work by the volunteers of the N.G.O. Academy of Emergency Medicines, which provide first aid services to those who have need. They work very hard, often they must work with the lack of material and in particular with the lack of blood for transfusions. It's the blood the main reason of deaths in that hospital, A.E.M. is a small N.G.O. with few resources and they don't have a refrigerator where appropriate put the blood, once the injured begins to bleed is over. Children are the hardest patients to treat because of their low threshold of pain that makes them move all the time and for their body frailty. Once rescued people are being transported by ambulance to the nearest available and better equipped hospital.