Bronze 2017 / Book / People (Non-Pro)

Tessuti Toniù

  • Photographer
    Francesca Semerano
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/People

Tessuti Toniù is a story of swishes, swatches, and scraps. It is a plot unfolding along the wide span of life of a woman, Antonia, whose adventure covered a whole century. It is a story on edge – told through the eyes of a daughter watching her mother – on her edges and in her dense texture, this daughter seeks out the traces of sorrows, loves, wounds and success of an entire existence. But it is also a story that goes through a catalogue of small treasures, the ones coming from Antonia’s shop, Tessuti Toniù: a professional goal pursued and defended with obstinacy by a woman entrepreneur, in southern Italy, after WWII, stage of rituals, graces and achievements of a feminine identity in transformation.