Bronze 2017 / Book / Documnetry (Non-Pro)

Mongolia - Taccuino di Silenzi

  • Photographer
    Paolo Sollazzo
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Book (Series Only)/Documnetry

In this work Paolo Sollazzo astonishes us, as he leads us through the boundless horizons of a vast land, Mongolia. It is nature, harsh and uncontaminated, that is the real protagonist. A protagonist that dictates the rules, which the author at first seems only to bow down to, but to which he later becomes perfectly adapted. The cold, the rain, the snow, mountains, rivers, sparse trees and the desert, all these together delineate the borders of the author’s vision, they are the real protagonists of the narration. Herds at pasture or roaming wild, or the shepherds rarely met with, or the prodigious horsemen with their eagles, seem to be little more than extras. They occasionally appear to populate a white and empty landscape, a land, as I said above, harsh and sparely inhabited. We could call Sollazzo’s photography “Impressionist Photography”. In fact, some images do bring to mind that great school of painting.

In 2004 Graffiti took on the new, additional role of publishing house, producing high quality books on photography.