Gold 2017 / Advertising / Travel/Tourism (Non-Pro)

Dancing in the Night

  • Photographer
    Erika Valkovicova
  • Agency / Studio
    Epic by Erika
  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Travel/Tourism

I have tried to see the Aurora Borealis for 3 years in a row with no luck...After a year of following the forecast data almost on a daily basis, the Day finally came! Early November 2016 I have looked at the promising forecast and a week later I found myself sitting on a plane heading to Iceland. My persistence paid off! Lady Aurora was dancing for us at one of the most beautiful places on Earth - at the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon ...and a Dream came true!

Erika Valkovicova is continuously on the move between the continents exploring the world and capturing the beauty of our Planet. Erika's work reflects both her passion for travel and fascination with nature. Photo tours