Silver 2017 / Book / Nature

Lakes - From Leman to Biwa

  • Photographer
    Olivier Robert
  • Agency / Studio
    Olivier Robert Photography
  • Prizes
    Gold in Book (Series Only)/Fine Art, Silver in Book (Series Only)/Nature

This project depicts a personal approach about the aesthetically pleasing value of the objects built or abandoned on the lakeshores and the way they pertain to the landscapes. Over time, the traces left by humans above the water deeply affect the perception of the landscapes one can have. Somehow, they are the witness of the past or of customs and bring a real added-value to the way we are enjoying the waterscapes, whether it be on the lakes shores or on the coastlines. To me, these objects are more constructive elements than disruptive ones. This ‘unwitting aesthetics’ contributes unintentionally to the pleasure people have while looking at landscapes. Consequently, my project try to highlight these constructions. Using long exposures afford me an subjective way of describing my perception of this architectural beauty. This Lake project started 20 years ago alongside the Leman Lake (Switzerland). It brought me in many European countries and continues on the shores of the Lake Biwa in Japan for years.