Silver 2017 / Architecture / Industrial

Norrköping industrial Landscape

  • Photographer
    fabrizio intonti
  • Prizes
    Silver in Architecture/Industrial

Norrköping is a Swedish city with many factories built along its river (Strömmen) which have provided an occupation to most inhabitants. Unfortunately, during the second half of the 20th century, this productive era ended, factories were shut down and remained empty. These impressive industrial buildings still stand powerful as well as the memory of their thriving times but there's a huge renovation in progress. The industrial area keeps on being the heart of the city, although factory production has been replaced by cultural business (universities, museums, concert halls, etc). In my photographs, I've tried to capture Norrköping's duplicity, its urban landscape mixing nature (water, river) with human activities (factories), and above all past with future. So, I overlapped a black and white photo with a color photo of the same place to express this idea: Norrköping is a telling example of integration of historical, industrial identity with the natural and urban dimension. Of course, there is not a full coincidence and continuity of the two dimensions, as I think it happens in reality.

I am a photographer and author who has studied philosophy. My photographic production, in addition to professional activity, extends to the visual arts, often relies on the contamination of techniques (analog, digital) and languages ??(words, images), with the intent to show the extraordinary in the ordinary, whether it be things, people, places.