Silver 2017 / Architecture / Buildings


  • Photographer
    Frank Machalowski
  • Prizes
    Silver in Architecture/Buildings

The image is part of my longterm project 'multiexpo'. It shows the glas dome of the Reichstag building in Berlin. In this series i show analog multiple exposures of european citys sightseeing hotspots photographed from several positions on one frame. The buildings, structures and sculptures are taken from different perspectives, as well as the different visitors they look. The multiplication and intensification of positions and fields of view appears to distort the structures and reduce them to their core. They literally vibrate under the attempt to capture the time even in the pictures. Some cities i have travelled for this project: Berlin, Hannover, Essen, Cologne, Potsdam, Salzburg, Graz, Paris, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Bruges, Prag and other. For this project i photographed in two sized: 6x6 and 35mm. All analogue black and white.