Bronze 2017 / Architecture / Interiors

Brutalism in West Germany

  • Photographer
    A. Tamboly
  • Agency / Studio
    Tamboly Photodesign
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Architecture/Interiors

Brutal post modern architecture in North Rhine West Falica: This project is showing the post modern architecture of churches in West Germany at it's finest. All the churches are masterpieces of the infamous architect Gottfried Böhm. Böhm is a family of architects based in Cologne and spreads over three generations since the end of the 19th century.  Göttfried Böhm is one of the most remarkable architects of the post war era in Germany, I regard him as the Escher of Architecture. The was he applies the raw material of red bricks and naked concrete in a sculptural was is a characteristic of his style. By entering one of his designed houses, mostly churches, it feels as if you travelled to another dimension. Gottfried Böhm earned with his designs plenty of international awards and reputation. He turned 97 years old this year.

Tamboly is a professional photography and art director who has been credited with several awards for his outstanding contributions to the world of photography. Over the years, photography has become more of a lifestyle for him and not just a profession. His areas of specialities are; Conceptual photography, People/Portrait Photography, architecture and travel photography. Tamboly started working for several music magazines from 2009 including, Metalhammer and Rollingstone and photographed a variety of rock stars, among them Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Papa Roach, The Boss Hoss, Iron Maiden, W.A.