Gold 2017 / Advertising / Fashion_A


  • Photographer
    Dasha Matrosova
  • Prizes
    Gold in Advertising/Fashion, 2nd Place winner in Advertising, Silver in Book (Series Only)/Fine Art

Spots, lines, shapes , shadows and lights …- all that is about graphics which I want to talk about. Every photographer has personal features and unique style of shooting. Everyone has strong and weak sides. I want to share with you my passion and inspiration of creation. Graphics in photography is both complicated and simple at the same time. So my way is to create pictures which are seemed quite simple but it`s not… This collection shows very simple picture which is composed from simple forms: round, square, triangle and colorful features. Mainly shape and colors are the basics which express and reveal mood and motions in photographs. Graphics allows to show simple things around us in a new vision and performing form. There are no limits of perfection and mastering in this direction. Fascinating, enticing and very variable. Every time I create a new look, I discover something new for me – all I do I use spots, lines, shapes, shadows and lights.

DASHA (Mrs. Dasha Matrosova) Professional Fine Art Photographer Retoucher