Bronze 2016 / Advertising / Product (Non-Pro)

My Name is Red

  • Photographer
    Mohammed Munir El Kadi
  • Agency / Studio
    Tasweeri Photography
  • Prizes
    Bronze in Advertising/Product

A study for an advertisement project of a Ferrari car. Credits to my friends: Anastasiia Dashkevych and Amir Khozeima who modeled for me, and to Sarah Kostandi for the makeup. I wanted to mix a traditional concept of advertising (hot girl in a hot car with the sexy legs) together with a more trendy presentation (the legs and the face with the red background)

I restarted my artistic journey in photography as a form of Sufi meditation and a celebration of our similarities and differences as a human race, as well as those in the physical world around us and what they mean. Chaos and harmony work side by side in a tango of diversity and subtle uniformity. To me photography is a way to transcend from mundane existence to spiritual richness. I am an advocate of the principle concept that photography, in its deepest artistic form, is a three point bridge between the artist, the subject and the eye of the beholder.