1st Place 2015 / Editorial (Non-Pro)

On the Kobane's route

  • Prizes
    Gold in Editorial/Conflict, 1st place winner in Editorial
  • Photographer
    Sini Giacomo

The Kurdish people in the syrian area, called in Kurdish, "Rojava", have passed on the international news headlines for the siege of more than one hundred and forty days of the militias of the Islamic State on Kobanî city, in Arabic, Ayn Al Arab. Many Kurds, despite the historical repression exercised by the turkish state, managed to escape from the besieged city, taking refuge in different parts of Kurdistan under the control of Turkey. Other people, despite the attacks of IS militias and the difficult situation of Kobane, decided to remain inside the city. Kobane was heavily damaged by the constant attacks of IS (Islamic State) and by the bombing of the international coalition anti IS. The People's protection Units and the Women's Protection Units(YPG-YPJ), after an exhausting resistance, have managed to liberate the city, allowing a difficult and slowly recostruction of the life. These photos describe the visions of these differents people, starting from who has freed the city and nowadays is still on the frontile, passing, afterwards, from what people have seen inside the destroyed city, arriving in the end on the sights of whom have decided to escape and found refugee in the Kurdish part inside Turkey.

Giacomo Sini born in Pisa, (Italy) in 1989. In 2014 he obtained a degree in social sciences at Pisa University. Traveler, has passed through fifty countries photographing the social and political realities. Passionate about the Middle East and Central Asia, has photographed many times the realities of conflicts in Syria, Lebanon and Kurdistan. He is interested mostly in refugee’s stories and conflict-post-conflict stories. His works have been published in Vice Magazine, El Pais, Neon Stern Magazine, L'Express, Il Manifesto, Il Caffè, Die Zeit, Taz.