1st Place 2015 / Moving images


'THE VOYAGE' started out as a collage of disjointed time lapse sequences, shot over several months in early 2015. I was teaching myself new ways to move the camera, using existing and newly developed motion control systems. Once I had enough material on my drives, I decided to create a short film. I’m always aiming to create a more immersive, intimate way of experiencing the scene as it unfolds in front of the camera’s lens. Instead of entertaining the viewer with high-impact, dynamic and highly stylized scene transitions, I prefer a calmer, linear approach to visual storytelling.

Slovenian born Beno Saradzic is a multi-specialist visual artist with residence in Dubai, UAE. In professional circles, Beno is known as a filmmaker, producer, conceptual 3D Computer Graphics artist and a photographer. He attracted tremendous public attention in recent years through his virally shared time-lapse films, and is increasingly known as a fine art photographer who creates exceptionally envisioned visuals, executed with ambitious post production techniques.