Bronze 2015 / Moving images / Essay_MV


  • Prizes
    Gold in Moving images/Documentary, Bronze in Moving images/Essay, Gold in Moving images/Nature, Bronze in Moving images/Other
  • Photographer
    Andrey Gordasevich
  • Moving Link

Peruvians call themselves “the mining country.” Gold mining is the foundation of life in the Madre de Dios river valley. To extract the gold, quicksilver is used for binding the gold particles together. This mercury-gold ball is heated and the quicksilver evaporates, leaving pure gold. Up to 20 tons of gold are produced in Madre de Dios annually by 60,000 miners scattered around more than 85,000 square kilometers. No miners can legalize their activities in Madre de Dios because of contradictory laws. Fifteen percent of the gold mining in Peru is illegal, generating twice as much profit as drug-dealing.

Andrey's focus is on visual stories based on documentaries, daily life and street photography. His projects "Crossings" (2014) and Quickgold ( received international awards in the IPA (International Photography Awards), MIFA (Moscow International Photo Awards), FAPA (Fine Art Photography Awards), One Eyeland, PX3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) photography competitions. His fresh project "Game of Time" ( concerns the re-enactment of the battle of Borodino (1812), which happened during the Russian campaign of Napoleon.