Silver 2015 / Moving images / Essay_MV


  • Photographer
    cristina vatielli
  • Prizes
    Silver in Moving images/Essay, Silver in Moving images/Other
  • Moving Link

The project LunaPark is the result of 3 years around Europe following the biggest electronic music festivals and the local club scene. Lunapark in italian means funfair, a place where for a child everything is possible and it’s the funniest place ever. The war for appearing, insicurity, the need of success and the escape from reality. I chose not to make a didascalic work showing drugs and alcool abuse but narrating the strong feelings and emotions provoked by the them. Also the huge internal conflict and disconfort of the people usualy attending those parties are central themes in Lunapark. The tecnique is based on 2 D and 3 D animation in after effect that basically split the pictures into different layers and navigate in the pictures with a sort of virtual camera. This kind of gives you the impression of whaching the scene with your own eyes. It’s like being there and you can still have the perception of the single images.