Gold 2015 / Fine Art / Portrait (Non-Pro)

In the Quest for Utopia

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    Gold in Fine Art/Portrait
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The future of Burma is at stake: in order to have “free and fair” elections by the end of 2015 in Burma (Myanmar), many constitutional changes need to be undertaken by the quasi-civilian government. Myanmar's future over the past three years took an unexpectedly bright turn, although prospects toward stability and ongoing democracy are uncertain. Burma today is indeed at a crucial point. With the parliamentary elections to be held by the end of 2015, there may be finally a possibility for the country to establish a meaningful democracy, for the first time since General Ne Win’s coup d’état in 1962. With signs of continuing reform, the parliament has agreed to review Myanmar's military-written 2008 constitution. This is vital to having free and fair elections in 2015. Constitutional reform would allow the people of Myanmar to elect whomever they like, encourage national reconciliation and protect human rights, which under the previous military junta were among the worst in the world. No single issue may play a more critical role in Burma’s possible transition to a free and democratic country than the release of its political prisoners. “In the Quest for Utopia” is a homage to people risking prison and even their lives in their struggle for a long-cherished goal of democracy and freedom.