Gold 2015 / Fine Art / Other (Non-Pro)

Felt to be beautiful

  • Prizes
    Gold in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Hoho Lin

Kinmen was the war between China and Taiwan, where the most intense, the most troops stationed in Taiwan, to build the theater, in order to relieve the pressure of the war a large number of soldiers, and the victory of the Golden Gate in 1958 war, making peace in the Taiwan Strait so far, despite the threat of war from not reduced, but with the changing times and the cross-strait links, hundreds of thousands of former army now only one-tenth of the island's theaters have begun to decline. Film is one of the favorite Taiwanese entertainment, 2014 new developers stationed in Kinmen, the construction of the most luxurious department stores and theaters, but the object services, is not the Islanders, is the other side of the China's people.