Gold 2015 / Editorial / sports (Non-Pro)


  • Prizes
    Gold in Editorial/sports
  • Photographer
    Dario Li Gioi

Gymnasium is a work of a place rebuilt. An old table that has become a gym. An urban space stolen to the decline, as others in Rome. One place that has turned into something else. An experience of a group of people who renegotiated the concept of space. Through the relationship body - objects - space, Gymnasium shows the re-appropriation of a place. And the sporting gesture is lost, remains outstanding, to become abstraction. An enclosed space and opened at the same time, in which everything is transitory, even the gym itself. Not the gym with its chaotic, ebullient movement, but the claim of a way of seeing life and the human capacity to give meaning to things: occupy, resist through sport and move on remaining firm in their ideas. Probably a utopia, at least a dream